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If you think that starting your own business is cakewalk, you?re very wrong. Aside from developing good products and services, you still need to sell them to the market. One of the essential factors in running a business is effectively managing finances. The language of any business, whether big or small, is accounting.

The business scene is always loaded with work pressure. Therefore, there is an unerring need for handling accounts and finances effectively. Even small businesses need to be organized to achieve success and to do this the business owner should get the appropriate accounting software. Business units usually set long-term goals and to reach the goals, accounting management is required. If you want to be your business? boss, you will need accounting software. Manually doing all the accounting works can lead to a lot of errors which can terribly affect any business.

As owner of a small business, you have to know where funds come from and where it goes. If you decide to do accounting tasks manually, it can consume a great portion of your time and it will be cumbersome on your part.

Here are some of the benefits that you will get in using an accounting software.

? You can finish all the accounting tasks promptly. You will be able to run your small business without too much problems.

? You can be provided with correct reports as well as special tools to make accounting tasks a lot simpler. That way, you can manage all the financial data of the business effectively.

You may not consider everything you just read to be crucial information about Accounting Accountancy Career. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself recalling and using this very information in the next few days.

? In minutes, you can already manage the cash flow of the business.

? With the accounting software, it will now be possible to predict revenues, bills, and generating reports.

These are some of the benefits of using an accounting software. However, don?t purchase the first accounting software that you come across. You see, there are things to consider when selecting the proper accounting software for the business. You have to determine the software?s functionalities. It should be user-friendly and most especially, it should resemble the paper counterparts so that you can run the software smoothly. Once you?re familiar with the software?s layout, you can already explore its functionalities.

If you can find software which combines the internet and e-commerce, the better; you see, there are a great number of accounting software sold in the market. If you want to enjoy all the benefits, you must be able to choose the finest accounting software that is suited to your small business.

In choosing an accounting software, you need to consider the number of your employees. You can find accounting software that is suited for small business with less than 25 employees. Other software is suited for large businesses with bigger numbers of employees.

A software that is suited for small businesses helps the business owner analyze financial data, customize reports like transaction history, profit & loss, check details, reconciliation details, and many more. By simply looking at the various reports, you can already determine your business status. Some software also offers built-in features like forecasting tools. These tools can be used to manage business risks and control cost of operation.

If you?re running a small business, it is now time to purchase accounting software. By doing so, you can secure your business? future and you can be certain that all your financial tasks are handled effectively.

Of course, it’s impossible to put everything about Accounting Accountancy Career into just one article. But you can’t deny that you’ve just added to your understanding about Accounting Accountancy Career, and that’s time well spent.

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Fly fishing is an interesting and varied sport with a seemingly endless array of gadgets and gear. The number of options can be confusing to someone new to the sport. What are the most important pieces of gear for fly fishing? The top 10 pieces of fly fishing gear include a fly fishing rod, reel, line, leader, flies, waders, net, vest, clippers and sunglasses.

The fly fishing rod is the first piece of must-have gear for fly fishing. Fly fishing rods are different from traditional fishing rods and are uniquely designed to allow casting of the fly line and fly. Most rods today are constructed from some type of graphite compound; however, some rods are still made from fiberglass or bamboo. Fly rods are categorized based on the weight of the line they are designed to be used with.

Fly fishing reels are actually less important than rods. Unlike traditional fishing, with fly fishing you do not reel the fish in. Fly fishing techniques involve stripping line with the free hand. Many fly fishing reels are actually quite primitive designs and therefore not all that expensive. Anglers frequently “palm” the reel to create drag rather than relying on internal drag mechanisms in the reel.

Fly fishing line is specially designed for this style of fishing. The line is considerably heavier than traditional fishing line and is frequently tapered and designed to float. Some line is designed to sink, however. Many anglers attach a backer line between the fly fishing line and the reel to increase the available line.

The leader is a clear, monofilament line that attaches to the end of the fly fishing line. The fly is tied onto the end of the leader. The leader is tapered down to a very narrow diameter at the forward end. The leader looks a lot like traditional fishing line.

Flies are available in a wide assortment of styles and designs. Dry flies are designed to float on top of the water, wet flies and nymphs are designed to be submerged, and other flies are designed to be partially submerged. Flies may also be categorized as imitative or attractive. Imitative flies are designed to imitate or look like a particular insect. Attractive flies are designed to attract the fist without looking like any particular natural food source.

Sometimes the most important aspects of a subject are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.

Waders may be optional if you are fishing in warm water. However, many anglers fly fish in cold water streams and find waders absolutely essential. Popular wader styles today include neoprene waders and waders with a waterproof lining. Neoprene waders work well in cold water and serve to keep the angler warm. Waders with a waterproof lining are breathable and convenient when hiking alongside a stream.

A net is another essential piece of fly fishing equipment. Since fly fishing is usually done while standing in the water it can be very difficult to land a fish without a good net. Nets frequently have a hook attached so that the net can be hooked onto the anglers waders or vest. A net is also particularly important if the angler is practicing catch and release fishing.

Since fly fishing is usually done in the water a fishing vest is a near-essential piece of equipment. Vests allow you to keep essential tools and gear neat and handy for when you need it.

Clippers are very useful for clipping line when changing flies. You will rarely see a fly fisherman without clippers in their vest or pocket.

Sunglasses are one piece of personal gear you will not want to forget. Sunglasses keep the sun out of your eyes as well as protecting your eyes from stray fishing hooks. Good quality, polarized sunglasses will also help you see much better while out on the stream. Many anglers would also add a hat and sunscreen to the list of essential personal gear.

There are many more pieces of gear and gadgets that are available for the fly fisherman. These ten items are perhaps the most essential for a fun and successful outing though.

If you’ve picked some pointers about Fly Fishing that you can put into action, then by all means, do so. You won’t really be able to gain any benefits from your new knowledge if you don’t use it.

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So what is Golf Swing really all about? The following report includes some fascinating information about Golf Swing–info you can use, not just the old stuff they used to tell you.

Golf is definitely a game where an individual’s discipline, determination, and heart can be measured. While others tend to see the game, when watching golf being played, as completely boring, this sport can truly reel you in. You just need to get ahead with your golf swing.

While the basics are the same for everyone, the differences in body types and mentalities bring forth a multitude of differences in the game that can cause confusion for most beginners. As such, one must adapt to his/her body in learning how to perform the perfect golf swing. While the perfect golf swing is there, it is elusive as it is different for every individual. Practice and knowledge are the keys to success in golf, and muscle memory is what you are trying to ingrain into yourself. Once you have the proper golf swing in your system, confidence in your game and calmness of mind shall follow.

Basic Principles

One of the most fundamental principles that can be applied for immediate improvement in the golf swing is to keep your head still and eyes on the ball. This is to straighten your spine’s alignment and to aim at the ball properly. The spine is the axis that you are to swing with, so you have to keep yourself straight in order to achieve any positive result. Keep your head straight by raising your nose up. Your left shoulder should be under your chin by the time you are to swing. Tucking your head into your chest is not the way to go. The best way is to keep everything straight so that you can hit the ball dead center.

It seems like new information is discovered about something every day. And the topic of Golf Swing is no exception. Keep reading to get more fresh news about Golf Swing.

Keeping your head straight and with eyes on the ball will definitely help those who have constant problems with their golf swings. The next step required is to assume the correct position of knees and feet. The feet have to be planted onto the ground and the knees are to be straight while allowing pivoting to occur. Bend a little bit forward at the waist and look right at the ball. Minimize hip rotation to prevent swaying and do not overdo your backswing. This way, your left shoulder should hit your chin upon swinging.

Prevent this by lifting your head a bit until your shoulder doesn’t hit your chin anymore. In this position, slowly do your backswing and downswing while staying focused on the ball. A practice swing is best done first before actually hitting the ball. Practice your golf swing by focusing on straightening your head and keeping your eyes on the ball.

Position and balance are the most crucial points of a golf swing, leading to consistency and good power. Another thing that needs to be focused on is relaxation. Being tense can only make one’s golf swing worse. By relaxing your muscles, you can maintain your balance and flow with the swing as smoothly as possible. Practice this while maintaining your position. While this can be daunting at first, you can make things easier for yourself by breathing at a relaxed pace while maintaining the position without tensing your muscles.

Hold this position for around 15 seconds before doing your swing during practice. Keep your weight even on both feet and try to not tense yourself. This is a good way to improve your golf swing.

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Indeed, what is a living will? We might have encountered this situation before or know someone who did in the past. You might have heard it movies or in television shows but have no idea at all what it is. In its most technical sense, a living will is a legal document issued by individuals which specifies specific course actions that should be taken concerning their health in the event that they (the person who issued the living will) are incapable of making any decisions due to illness or incapacity. Other states might have a different term for it but most often living wills are also referred to as advance health care directives, an advance directives or advance decisions. But for the sake of our discussion, let?s stick with living will.

Just for the sake of being clear, imagine yourself being in an accident and ended up in a coma. Your doctors informed your next of kin that your current situation is less likely to improve for some time. Your family would debate about your situation and would be in a dilemma whether to continue life sustaining treatment. If you have a living will, your specific wishes on these life sustaining treatments will be followed by your doctors as long as everything is legal is legal, of course.

The legality of the document will depend on the mental state of the person during the time he/she signed the papers. He/she needs to be in a sound mind and knows the every bit of consequence the document will have. The document also needs to be quite specific. It needs to cite the kinds of requested future treatments. And most importantly, a living will is voluntary. If proven that the person signed the document under duress, the legality of the living will is no longer valid.

So far, we’ve uncovered some interesting facts about Living Will. You may decide that the following information is even more interesting.

As part of this requirement, it is imperative that your witnesses in the document are by no means related by blood, marriage, adoption or have any claims to inheritance to whatever properties you will leave behind. Even your physicians, any employee of your hospital or health facility and your attorneys for health care cannot be your witnesses. The document can be revoked anytime, however, whether you?re mentally capable or competent, does not matter. But remember that once you signed the document, it is valid until you die.

The contents of the will can be as detailed as to avoid any form of antibiotics. But at the same time it can still be quite broad like do all life sustaining treatments available during that time. This one, however, would still be based on the assessments of your medical team.

What is a living will? It is an option. It is something that you can think about today in order to make it easier for your love ones to decide in case situations called for it. Just be certain that you tell someone that you have this legal document lying around. Your health care proxy should be informed for the document is no good if no one knows about it.

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Have you ever wondered if what you know about Accounting Accountancy Career is accurate? Consider the following paragraphs and compare what you know to the latest info on Accounting Accountancy Career.

Is there such a thing as ?totally free? nowadays? Life is getting harder and harder every year. A great number of people are starving in different areas of the world. It?s quite unbelievable that you can still find ?free? things today but if you try to surf the internet, you will notice a lot of ads that say ?free? this and ?free? that.

Accounting is an essential part of the lives of people as well as businesses. Through accounting, an individual or business can keep track of all its financial transactions. If you?re a professional, it only means that you earning income. Your income will be used to finance all your expenditures like food, water, electricity, and many others. If you keep track of these things, it can already be called accounting.

In businesses, financial transactions can get complicated and it will be impossible for one individual to handle the task. This is where the accounting software comes in. did you know that there are free accounting software online? That?s true and if ou only take time in surfing the internet, you can find this free software.

Don?t expect too much from a free accounting software. Since it is free, it can?t offer the same features and functions as that of a high-end accounting software. This free software is simple and easy. It can only handle the accounting needs of homeowners and small businesses. The software focuses mainly on simple accounting management. By taking advantage of the free software, you can already perform the basic accounting tasks that paid software?s do.

The question now is whether you should get free accounting software or not. It?s only a download away but before anything else, there are some things that you need to look for in accounting software; consider the following tips.

Knowledge can give you a real advantage. To make sure you’re fully informed about Accounting Accountancy Career, keep reading.

Large companies who want to promote products and marketing campaigns are now providing the public with free accounting software. You have to surf the internet diligently so that you can immediately take advantage of it.

You can find a lot of free things online but you should be warned about scams. There are dishonest websites that tell surfers they offer free accounting software that are downloadable. The site will ask you to provide personal information on their registration forms and then ask for the number of your credit card. Legitimate websites that offer free accounting software will not request for any personal information.

While you?re surfing the internet, why don?t you search for trial versions? By taking advantage of trial versions, you can evaluate if the certain software meets all your accounting needs. After the trial version, you can now decide whether you will subscribe the software or not. Trying out trial versions does not involve any commitment. If you don?t like the software, discard it and then look for another trial version.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you can now have a free accounting software that you can use personally and even for your small business. Some manufacturers offer different functionalities that are added to your existing downloadable accounting software.

By taking time to surf the internet, you can find intuitive, robust, and practical accounting software. Most free software can be downloaded without any complications. If you want to practical, take advantage of this free software. Try them now and handle all your finances efficiently.

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So what is Security Cameras really all about? The following report includes some fascinating information about Security Cameras–info you can use, not just the old stuff they used to tell you.

After the tragedy of 9-11 when homeland security was first set into place authorities took security up to another level. For tourists visiting the Statue of Liberty there were already security cameras that were apparent for them to see. These cameras of course were there for the protection of all the visitors that traveled to see the Statue of Liberty. And, to protect against any vandalism that might come to the Statue of Liberty itself. And many of these security cameras were within the Statue Of Liberty and just outside the entrance.

However, after the 9-11 tragedy more measures were taken. Homeland security took the offensive and the “lady of liberty” was their assistant. Now, more security cameras are on the Statue of Liberty however in places that the tourists cannot see. Up high and out of sight. Some not even in the Statue Of Liberty at all. These security cameras are not set to view the inside at all, but instead the area around the Statue of Liberty. High frequency and high resolution with long range security cameras face out away from American borders. These security cameras are part of the homeland security program. Another way to prevent any kind of attack on the United States. This is only one area where these security cameras can be found on America’s borders.

These type of security cameras won’t be found for sale in companies. The range and viewing distance on these security cameras exceed any of the other security cameras sold to consumers. The frequency they are set on, are their own as well. They are remotely operated and very “high tech.”

You can see that there’s practical value in learning more about Security Cameras. Can you think of ways to apply what’s been covered so far?

There are those who keep up with these security cameras and that they are working properly. The high frequency enables the security cameras to distribute images and display from long distances and they don’t interfere with other items that might use frequencies. Other frequencies don’t interfere with them either. In all reality the statue of liberty is a very good spot to put high range and reception security cameras. Especially as high tech as they are. The idea of being able to handle the elements of the weather as well as change angles is incredible.

And there’s a chance that more security cameras are in different areas of the border as a part of homeland security as well. However, just where cannot be confirmed. Some people seem to think there are security cameras on almost all of the tallest buildings in major cities although it’s uncertain. And to some, they wonder if the security cameras can even be seen. Security cameras are equipped even as smaller devices to have high range and reception just as the big ones as well.

The security cameras are there and in other places for the security of America. It just lets you know that we are safe. I personally have no problem with the idea that security cameras like this, that we cannot see are out there, and are providing a job of helping secure the livelihood of our country.

I hope that reading the above information was both enjoyable and educational for you. Your learning process should be ongoing–the more you understand about any subject, the more you will be able to share with others.

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So what is Accounting Accountancy Career really all about? The following report includes some fascinating information about Accounting Accountancy Career–info you can use, not just the old stuff they used to tell you.

Are you very much interested in accounting? Well, if you are, you should take up accounting education. By doing so, you will gain systematic knowledge about the different practices and skills involved in accountancy and business.

What is the meaning of accounting? It is defined as the art of systematic recording and analyzing of financial business transactions. The history of acounting dates back many years ago. Accounting is already an essential part of modern education. Every nation needs accounting because it is the key to economic development.

If you want to pursue an accounting course, you should first choose a university or college. There are local universities and colleges that you can enroll in for an accounting course. If you prefer attending college abroad, you may do so. But make sure that you choose the university or college wisely. You also have to determine where you will stay when you?re already there; you can either stay at the dormitory or you can rent an apartment. Expenses are a great consideration as well.

Accounting has four general areas, namely ? public, government, internal auditing, and management accounting. If you choose an accounting course, you will learn how to prepare and organize financial reports that include collation or calculation of a range of figures, analyses, tax, and even projections.

Traditionally, the study of accounting focused mainly in the technical skills. The traditional methods in the study of accounting include teaching the basic principles and concepts of accounting. The present accounting practices haven?t adapted yet to the various changes in business, regulatory environment, and economics. There are now modern methodologies used in accounting education. These methodologies are based mainly on accounting communication, decision-making, ethics, analytical skills, and the internal auditing principles.

Is everything making sense so far? If not, I’m sure that with just a little more reading, all the facts will fall into place.

Educational programs in accounting have the same objectives and one is to teach the students about the various accounting principles. Aside from that, the students will also learn to develop their skills through various accounting practices. Professional accountants today have greatly benefited from modern accounting education. Accounting education also functions as an effective management tool for business executives.

The educational components of an accounting education are specialized accounting, general accounting, and professional accounting. These days, accounting students can also take advantage of doctoral programs and other continuing educational programs.

Is accounting education right for you? Before you finally enroll in an accounting course, you have to be very sure that you like business matters. You see, accounting is more on business matters and mathematical computations. It also involves a lot of analyzing tasks.

Once you?ve decided that an accounting course if the best for you, find a university or college now; you can either go to college abroad or you can attend school locally. Every step involves making decisions. So make sure that you make the best decisions because your future lies with it.

Once you start your accounting classes, you have to study all your lessons and know them by heart. This is the only way to become a successful professional someday. And of course, you need to pass all your exams so that you will soon hold your diploma.

There are many career opportunities for accounting graduates. Again, if you think that an accounting course is the best for you, enroll now. Study hard and master the principles and concepts of accounting. Only by then can you say that you?re an effective and efficient accountant.

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This article explains a few things about Golf Swing, and if you’re interested, then this is worth reading, because you can never tell what you don’t know.

Golfers who are able to make those great golf swings developed their skills. They were not born with it so don?t think that copying what these people do will some day make you just like one of them.

This is because the more you try to imitate them, the more you make mistakes. The morale of the story then is to learn how to play your own game.

But how do you play the game without following what the best do? Well the answer is practice. If you are new to the sport, get professional help and learn the basics. If this is not enough, watch some instructional videos.

You have to put the time and effort into the game to get the results you want. Yes you have a job or a business but for golfers like Tiger Woods, that is their job so they can spend more time there compared to you.

Does this mean you quit your job and try your luck at professional golf? Of course not but given the limited practice time, you have to maximize each session.

You might see a lot of people practicing at the golf range. They would hit a buckets and buckets of balls but then what happens? Nothing because n an actual game, it all boils down to putting the ball into the hole. This means you should spend more time on your short game because this is where it really counts.

Now that we’ve covered those aspects of Golf Swing, let’s turn to some of the other factors that need to be considered.

To do that, do various drills that will help you chip and pitch. Since the ball may sometimes land in the bunker, practice shots from there as well. A study shows that 50% of golfers will have to make their shots from 75 yards or less from the hole. So you should also practice putting shots at this distance and less.

Spend time practicing your wedge play because this can help you setup an east birdie. Hit as many balls from 40 to 135 yards. This club may be shorter than what you use for long distances but the principle is the same.

There are various golf techniques around to help you improve your short game. You can try hitting the ball with your club only using one hand, hitting the ball with your eyes closed and drawing a chalk line to make sure that when you hit the ball, it is moving in a straight line.

There are also a few tools you can use like golf gloves to ensure you are holding the club properly because how you hold it also affects where the ball is going to travel.

One thing that you need which you cannot buy from the store or learn from a professional is attitude. Confidence plays a significant factor because if you have doubts that the ball will not go in the hole, chances are, it won?t. Think positive and hope for the best because this is all you can do each time you make that putt.

To win in golf, the golf swing is just one of the things that will make the ball travel far enough to land close to the hole. In the end, it is your ability to putt it in that counts which is why you should spend more time on your short game than anything else.

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The following paragraphs summarize the work of Golf Swing experts who are completely familiar with all the aspects of Golf Swing. Heed their advice to avoid any Golf Swing surprises.

People who have the privilege of watching the pros at work may have an idea of what a perfect golf swing should look and feel like. The reason why some people sought after having that perfect swing is that the game they play has becoming more and more popular around the world. In addition, that game is called golf. Golf has been around for quite some time and it started out as a quiet little game that only a few people with much time on their hands.

It became one of the most popular mainstream sports in the 1980′s people back then was debating on the perfect golf swing. Up to the rise to the top of Nick Faldo, he was the man described as having a mechanical like swing. In the 1990′s people said that Faldo had the perfect swing. Before people started declaring Faldo as the undisputed king of the swing, people also mentioned Ben Hogan or Jack Nicklaus had the perfect from when hitting the ball.

Up to the present day, people who are avid fans of the sport still argue about the best swing and perfect swing in golf. Nowadays, the name Tiger Woods figure in debates all across the country. They say that because of the success Woods is enjoying in the sport, he must be swinging consistently every time. Arguably, Woods does have a regimen that helps him in his golf swing but it may be too cocky to say that Tiger Woods have developed the perfect swing.

If your Golf Swing facts are out-of-date, how will that affect your actions and decisions? Make certain you don’t let important Golf Swing information slip by you.

The drive to achieve the perfect golf swing has broken and destroyed the golf games of amateurs and professionals alike. Some of them have become obsessed with the perfection of their swings that they have totally forgotten the other aspects and skill sets of the game. Some people have spent almost all of their free time watching videos, reading instructional guides and basically listening to any body that can give them tips on improving and perfecting their swings. In the 90′s, because of the mainstream success of golf and the different golfers that were in the circuit, a lot of guides, instructional materials and special classes that strictly cater to golf and the perfection of the swing.

For years some golfers couldn’t even break an egg because of the different tips and hints they have read, tried and incorporated to their game( most of the time the different tips and guides from the different materials that they have were contrasting in principle and execution. This resulted to inconsistent performance of players that eventually led to the decline of the sport) which caused frustration in many players. Because of the obsession of some of the golfers to perfect their golf swings most of them performed poorly in ranking games and tournaments. This caused a significant decline in the golfing public in the late 90′s.

Then one machine and the vision of a man changed everything and turned the world of golf around. A company that makes golf clubs to test their shafts’ strength invented a machine; it was specifically designed to recreate the swing of Byron Nelson. Nelson is said to have the best swing in the world of golf. The machine was aptly named Iron Byron, after Nelson, and it went on to test more than a thousand shafts.

Some people noticed the accuracy and the consistency of the Iron Byron and thought that if they could dissect the movement of the Iron Byron’s perfect swing then they naturally have copied the perfect golf swing of Byron Nelson.

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You should be able to find several indispensable facts about Living Will in the following paragraphs. If there’s at least one fact you didn’t know before, imagine the difference it might make.

How you would like to be cared for in the event of permanent unconsciousness or end-of life situations is not the most comfortable topic to discuss. However, it is necessary. In case it does happen, how would your doctor know whether you want to be resuscitated? Or be on life support? Or be artificially fed? There is no other way of knowing than reading your living will. But making a living will is a critical process; after all, it expresses what kind of medical care you want or don?t want to receive in case your are unable to communicate it.

States have differing laws and standards to follow in making a living will, so it pays to know what are instituted in your state. Yet, there are general guidelines that can help you. They are the following:

Think about your medical wishes
In specific terms, outline what types of treatment and procedure you would like to undergo, under what circumstances, and for how long. For example, you can detail that you want to be on mechanical ventilation if there are chances of survival. But if beyond recovery, you refuse to be on any type of support that artificially prolongs your life. Be specific as you can. Your living will is perhaps one document you wish to never use, but even then, you need to make your living will as clear as possible; otherwise, your loved ones will be left guessing, and misinterpretations will not be impossible.

Knowledge can give you a real advantage. To make sure you’re fully informed about Living Will, keep reading.

Talk to your doctor
Explain your medical wishes to your doctor and make sure he understands them. This will avoid the possibility of misinterpretations and conflicts that may arise when you use your living will. Also, this will allow your doctor to give input and explain the implications of your medical wishes.

Involve your family
Your family needs to be informed of your preferences, so they will know exactly what to do in case you become incapacitated. Many family tensions result from making medical decisions, and you don?t want that to happen among your family members. As early as now, let them understand how you want to be taken care of. It?s possible that your medical wishes would face opposition, but listen to your family?s opinions and consider their inclusion in your living will.

Have a living will form
You can get if from your state?s health department, hospital, aging agency, or certain websites. Complete the form. Add other details in case the form doesn?t cover certain medical wishes you have. You can also work with a lawyer to guide you through the process and discuss with you the legal implications of your living will. In some states, however, the assistance of a lawyer is sometimes unnecessary. Based on your state law, have it notarized or witnessed. Then, distribute copies to your family and close friends, doctor, and lawyer.

Keep your living will properly
After making a living will, make sure to properly keep it in your files or somewhere it would be quickly found if needed. Some people like to keep it in a safe-deposit box, which is not advisable, as doing so would make it hard to retrieve.

This article’s coverage of the information is as complete as it can be today. But you should always leave open the possibility that future research could uncover new facts.

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