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The following article covers a topic that has recently moved to center stage–at least it seems that way. If you’ve been thinking you need to know more about it, here’s your opportunity.

In the Olympics, medals are given to the first, second and third placer. The finest athlete gets the best, which is made of gold. The other two will get something made out of combining certain materials together that comes out as silver and bronze.

The reason why silver and bronze need to be mixed is because the material itself is soft. It will be impossible to mold this into anything unless there is a mineral out there that can strengthen its composition.

Luckily, there is and w someone mixes seven and a half percent of copper, the finished product is better known as sterling silver.

Sterling silver is used in a lot of things. Two examples of these are kitchenware and jewelry. Studies show that more people use this as a fashion accessory. Jewelry stores sell these as necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

The trend these days has allowed manufacturers to do more in the market. It has given the seller the opportunity to expand and offer sterling silver as a piece of body jewelry.

Body jewelry as it is called is attached on the individual’s skin. This can either be pierced or simply clipped on. Customers that are afraid of getting an infection or experiencing an allergy will stick to the second type.

Sterling silver is not really the best example of body jewelry. This is often considered to be a cheap alternative for those who can’t afford the kinds that are either made of gold and platinum.

Because it is more affordable, this does well with the younger generation especially those that are in high school and college. With the cash on hand, the person can even have some add ons by having a few stones attached The customer can even tell the manufacturer to make one from scratch instead of just selecting one from the display case.

It’s really a good idea to probe a little deeper into the subject of Body Jewelry. What you learn may give you the confidence you need to venture into new areas.

Sterling silver body jewelry must be cleaned regularly. In most cases, a mild cleaner and a piece of soft cloth will do the trick. If this does not work, this is the time that a brush has to be used. This does not have to be anything fancy so even the kind used for cleaning the teeth will do.

After brushing, this should again be wiped down. People are advised to use something made of 100% cotton to prevent any damage from happening to the accessory.

Sterling silver body jewelry are also good to give as gifts. The friend can be brought into the store to choose which one the person likes and have this pierced free of charge. The customer should be sure that the place is well recommended and follows sterilization measures since it would really be bad if the friend got sick.

Those who know people that love the clip on version can just get it. Each pack has a set of instructions, which includes how to attach and keep it shiny.

Body jewelry is not something new. People have been using it for years and this will continue as long as this express one’s individuality. Those who want to join the bandwagon but don’t have enough money will just have to make do with sterling silver.

With proper care, this can last for a long time until perhaps the person has enough money to buy something much pricier.

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Imagine the next time you join a discussion about Body Jewelry. When you start sharing the fascinating Body Jewelry facts below, your friends will be absolutely amazed.

One of the accessories that women will never live without is jewelry. This can be a simple necklace or a bracelet that will look good on the individual as long as goes with the outfit.

Body jewelry has been around for a long time. Lately, a lot of celebrities and those in college have done this. But those who want to do something different should take it to the next level and this can happen by using those that are exotic.

Exotic body jewelry by definition is something the person will have on the skin. The big difference between this and those regularly worn around the neck, the hair or the hands is the fact that this will be placed on other parts of the body.

Most of the stores that offer exotic jewelry primarily sell these for the breast of the woman. There are nipple clips, rings and shields that are all lightweight. A chain can also be attached to both that will surely turn anyone on.

There are two types of exotic jewelry. There are variants that have to be pierced to the body and there are those that can be clipped so it will not fall off. The average selling price, $9 to $60.

Another example of exotic body jewelry is the kind that will fit into one’s belly button. This can also be pierced or clipped just like those for the nipples with some that use adhesive that can easily be washed off. Just for laughs, those who are bold enough can buy the model that lights up in the dark.

Exotic body jewelry is not just for the upper body. Those who want to take another leap forward can have the same thing done for the bottom portion of the body. These are also lightweight so it won’t be painful for those who choose to use it.

Knowledge can give you a real advantage. To make sure you’re fully informed about Body Jewelry, keep reading.

People who want to have exotic body jewelry can visit some specialty stores in the mall. The customer will soon realize that these are made of different materials such as gold, silver and plastic which comes in different colors and sizes.

There are probably more of these selections online so the customer should check it out and then place an order so this can be delivered to the home. This will surely arouse those who see it being worn but this is just clean fun for the person and perhaps someone else to enjoy.

Those who have never tried exotic jewelry before should take it slow. It is best to use the clip ones or those that will require adhesive glue for starters before thinking about those that will require piercing.

Those who want this pierced should be sure that the store uses sterilizes its equipment. It would be bad if the first time this happens the customer gets an allergy or an infection that could ruin the possibility of ever doing it again.

Exotic body jewelry should always be cleaned before and after each use. This should also be stored in a safe so it will not get contaminated.

One singer said that the “body is a wonderland.” Some people will agree with these words should that person know someone that is willing to try these accessories or is in a habit of playing with it.

Now you can be a confident expert on Body Jewelry. OK, maybe not an expert. But you should have something to bring to the table next time you join a discussion on Body Jewelry.

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Throughout the years, gold has always been considered one of the most precious and sought after metals. It has been the passion of a lot of treasure hunters and at the hearts of many who have lusted after the glint of riches that that particular metal can provide. Aside from being used as currency, it has been the primary metal used in jewelry dating perhaps farther than ancient Egypt.

While gold used to be used primarily as a status symbol that usually connoted power, you will find gold nowadays within the circuitry of your computer and other electronic gadgets because of its superior conduction power as well as its resistance to most chemical reactions.

However, the use of gold in jewelry has not stopped. In fact, more than in the usual traditional jewelry pieces, gold is now used in more modern and fashionable body jewelry. Body jewelry refers to the non-conventional body adornments that has become a large part of our pop culture. From large, ostentatious pieces of jewelry in the form of over sized pendants or large rings popularized by hip-hop artists called “bling bling”; to more deviant body piercing jewelry that adorns every conceivable and inconceivable part of the human body, body jewelry has become part and parcel of modern day fashion.

True to form, you will find very fashionable gold body jewelry available in the market to suit your needs and style. Gold body jewelry is more popular for “bling bling” articles than body piercing jewelry. This is probably due to the fact that for one thing, gold still remains a precious metal and therefore command a higher price than other types of metals used in these types of jewelry. More common and more affordable types of metals used in body jewelries are silver and stainless steel.

Most of this information comes straight from the Body Jewelry pros. Careful reading to the end virtually guarantees that you’ll know what they know.

Another factor that may inhibit the use of gold in body jewelry may stem from the fact that gold has a very malleable property or state. This means that the higher the concentration of gold used, the more likely it is easier to be bent and deformed. This is especially unfortunate for body jewelry that will experience a lot of wear and tear as it is worn very close to the body and may snag or catch on the clothes one is wearing.

Luckily though, gold body jewelry need not be made of real gold. Gold body jewelry can be made of painted or plated metal to mimic the color and other properties of gold and this allows one to enjoy the look and feel of gold without the encumbering cost as well as the delicate property that it is known for.

Of course, these faux gold body jewelry items are not meant to maintain the look of gold for very long. Eventually, after much use, the faux gold body jewelry will begin to lose its luster and eventually tarnish. If it is a good quality faux gold body jewelry however, the fading and tarnishing will be gradual, and on some occasions, if the base metal that was painted was of a good quality, the metal will maintain a polished, albeit whiter or silver look.

Whatever the case, do go out and scout for great gold body jewelry finds in the market. Gold body jewelry compliments darker and warmer skin tones and is best to show off a nice tan.

There’s a lot to understand about Body Jewelry. We were able to provide you with some of the facts above, but there is still plenty more to write about in subsequent articles.

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If you’re looking for a jewelry store then you will definitely be in quite a pickle. There are practically thousands of jewelry stores online. You can spend hours and hours looking at the multitude of jewelry selections online.

You can easily find genuine and expensive body jewelry as well as the cheap fake ones. You can find jewelry made from unique materials. The only problem that you would have is choosing the right body jewelry. There are a lot of things to consider including the type, make, cost, and design. It is important that you pick a store that can give options to choose from.

Admittedly, body jewelries are different from each other. The key is looking for the right and quality jewelry which would allow you to maximize its functionality and aesthetic value without as much as spending half of your savings on them.

One of the most important things that you should know is the correct term for each kind of body jewelry. Stores might get confused with what you are saying and end up selling you the wrong type of jewelry. For tongue ornaments, try saying straight barbell and not “tongue ring.” Also a curved barbell or bananabell is used instead of “navel ring.”

Familiarity with the different types of jewelry will make you more confident on your purchase and will help you compare and choose the best stores. The basic types include captive ball rings, plugs and barbells which are further subdivided into straight, curved, or circular. Also, you should recognize and identify what are labrets, septums, nose screws, twists, nose bones, eyelets, spirals, pinchers, claws, and talons.

If you find yourself confused by what you’ve read to this point, don’t despair. Everything should be crystal clear by the time you finish.

Knowing each kind is not enough, however. You also need to know which one’s go where. The good thing is that most jewelry can be worn in many types of piercing. But surface piercings are limited to surface bars only. Other things that you need to consider are the correct sizes, the materials used (it’s best to use surgical steel, titanium if you have sensitive body chemistry) and flexibility of the jewelry. Avoid wearing body jewelry that will restrict your movements too much. Also, make sure that you inspect closely the jewelry before you buy them. Make sure the finish is smooth.

Now, there are some things that you also remember when buying body jewelry. As much as possible, avoid buying from non-specialty stores, or cheap mall stores (the internet too) especially if you’re buying piercing jewelry. Since these types of stores are not experts and don’t know the difference between silver and titanium jewelries. You might end up buying a barbell which the store claims to surgical steel but actually is a nickel based alloy. You’ll end up having irritations and even infections because of the wrong purchase. Always go to the experts in these sorts of things.

Also, some additional tips: when someone urges you to buy plastic, acrylic, or lucite jewelry, ignore them. Even though these types are really cheap, they are designed not to be worn over extended periods. In addition, when you feel the metal of your jewelry is reacting too much to your body creating bad odors and tarnishing, then one could use organic ones like those body jewelry made from stone, horn, wood, or bone, or glass.

One thing should be remembered, though, when using organic made jewelries they should never be worn on a fresh piercing. These types of body ornaments are only worn on piercings that have healed considerably.

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Current info about Body Jewelry is not always the easiest thing to locate. Fortunately, this report includes the latest Body Jewelry info available.

It’s painful, it could turn out to be annoying, and the end result may be detrimental to one’s health, well-being and social status. So why turn to the whole painful process of piercing when one can fully utilize the array of fake or non-piercing body jewelry available in the market today.

You’ll be surprised at the variety and the ingenuity of the fake body jewelry’s designs and style. From simply clipping, to the use of magnets, from simple suction features to the more stylish spring action mechanisms, non-piercing body jewelry have slowly become popular among individuals that are in search of less painful ways to fit in and be stylish.

If you’re decided to be stuck with body piercing then by all means, let your body endure the sharp needles and rather painful procedures of body manipulation. But if you’re only enjoying a stage or fad of wearing something different, then we suggest using fake body jewelry that is quite believable in its own way.

Body piercing, like all body manipulation procedures, comes with great risks. There’s the possibility of being allergic to the metal used or the materials used during the procedure such as soap and alcohol. There’s also a chance of bacterial infections and parasitic and protozoan infections.

One cannot also dispel the likelihood that the piercing procedure will leave excess scar tissues and cause keloid formations, not to mention experiencing possible trauma from the pain brought about by the procedure itself. For piercing in the gum, lip or tongue area, viral infections are possible as well as erosion of gums area.

The body accessory market is already flooded with fake body jewelry of various designs, make and color. One can easily get the appropriate set of body jewelry for a specific occasion or event. And if you play your cards right, you might be able to pull it off. This fake body jewelry is amazingly believable. Some attaches to the right portion of the skin so well that they won’t come off even if you pull them lightly.

Truthfully, the only difference between you and Body Jewelry experts is time. If you’ll invest a little more time in reading, you’ll be that much nearer to expert status when it comes to Body Jewelry.

Non-pierced jewelry can either be attached through the use of magnets, springs or by clipping. When using magnets, the body ornament will be equipped with thin magnetic studs which are commonly washable. These backing magnetic studs are placed on the inside of the lip or at the back of the earlobe.

The other piece of the body jewelry is then placed over the area of the magnet on the other side. Because manufacturers of fake body jewelry use strong magnets, the magnetic studs are strong enough to keep body jewelry in place giving the illusion that the lip, ear, noses, etc are pierced.

Another good fake body piercing jewelry design is the use of spring hoops in rings. The springs allow the nose, lip, ear or belly rings to be attached and removed quite easily.

This is a good alternative if you don’t want magnet equipped jewelry on your face. Spring-action rings also cause little or no discomfort at all unlike actual piercing which can cause itchiness or inflammation depending, of course, on the person’s body chemistry.

There are a lot more non-piercing accessories out there. It’s just a matter of looking for a store that sells well made ones. If I were you, I would go and look for the best quality made fake body jewelry. You definitely need a strong magnet, springs that work, etc.

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The following article lists some simple, informative tips that will help you have a better experience with Body Jewelry.

What do you think would happen when you combine body jewelry with the world’s hardest known natural occurring substance? You’ll get stunning nose studs whose value can reach up to hundreds of dollars. The diamond gem market is a big one.

However, even though the market is a huge one, the trade, production and distribution of diamonds in the world is only handled by a few, making the gems more valuable in the trading market. Nevertheless, despite the diamond’s high costs, a lot still are able to buy them since the value of the gem varies depending on the cut, clarity, shape and quality.

Diamond is a symbol of prosperity and love. Traditionally, the gem is used to refer to a person’s increase personal clarity, trust, and confidence. It is said that the gem itself intensifies one’s thoughts.

By wearing a diamond, one can be able to develop their strengths and magnify their positive attitudes. This is why the gem is used more frequently in body jewelry. Both their aesthetic beauty and value gives the wearer a sense of confidence, character and aura of finesse and elegance.

There are already many stores that offer great selections of diamond adorned body jewelry. Most stores will feature belly rings and nose studs which are handcrafted with stunning diamonds and other precious gems.

Most of these diamond studded jewelry have been laid on platinum and other nickel free metals so one can truly enjoy wearing them free from allergic reactions and possible infections. Most of these stores are already online giving great discounts and freebies such as free shipping of orders and guaranteed no hassle returns.

One can easily shop online for the best diamond studded jewelry that one can afford. From single studded diamond belly rings to intricately designed diamond dangling earrings, diamonds can surely make one the center of attention.

Now that we’ve covered those aspects of Body Jewelry, let’s turn to some of the other factors that need to be considered.

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a diamond studded jewel. But probably one of the most common terminologies we hear when we discuss diamonds is the carat of the gem. The carat refers to the mass of the diamond.

One carat is equal to 200 milligrams. The value of a diamond usually increases as the carat weight increases. This is because big diamonds are rare and are much preferred to be used as gems. Recent trading statistics show that a 1 carat diamond is worth more than U.S. $6,000 while a 5 carat diamond gem could cost more than U.S. $100,000.

Another thing that we hear about is the clarity of the diamond. Clarity refers to the absence or presence of flaws inside or on the surface of a diamond. This means that if a diamond has perfect clarity then the gem is extremely clear, which in reality is very rare.

Even high grade diamonds contain imperfections, one need to look through a magnifying glass, however, to identify and fully assess the clarity of the gems. Some of the things that one needs to look for include imperfections, or flaws, inside a diamond; white, black or other colored spots on and inside the surface; visible cracks which can cause some problems like causing the stone to split’ and the presence of colored and uncolored crystals.

Diamond blemishes found on a diamond’s surface also varies. Sometimes these blemishes affect the clarity and value of the stone but fortunately most of the blemishes have little or no affect on its outside look.

Most common among the diamond’s blemishes include scratches on the surface, nicks or chipped portions of the diamond and pits or holes in the stone’s surface.

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There are a lot of places where you could get body jewelry piercing. These days, there are hundreds if not thousands of shops both in the malls and online that sell authentic body jewelry designs.

From the inexpensive fake body jewelry to the more intricate and much expensive ones, you can basically get anything you desire. Even if stores don’t carry what you want, you can get the materials from some shops and make your own sets of body jewelry.

Locating a great body jewelry shop maybe a daunting task. The sheer number of shops online alone will keep you glued to your PC for hours. One of the fastest ways to locate a great shop is to ask your friends about it. If your group is into body jewelry then there’s a big chance that they go to a few places online, websites that they already trust. However, if you don’t have friends that are into this sort of thing then you need a guide to help you in your search.

When browsing the internet for body jewelry shops, it is best to stick with well made and presentable websites. If the website is well made then the owners spent some considerable money to look professional, which means they are really serious in selling body jewelry and stuff. This makes them more reliable than other sites. These types of sites might sell quite expensive body jewelry but at least you’re a little confident that they use good quality materials, non of those irritating, corrosive and easily-tarnished stuff.

Always look at the return and ordering policies of online shops. Prefer shops that offer decent return policies over prices and discounts. You’ll never really know if the pictures on their website will be the one’s that they will send to you via courier. It’s best to be wary of scrupulous individuals online. The internet is full of them types.

Now that we’ve covered those aspects of Body Jewelry, let’s turn to some of the other factors that need to be considered.

Once you find a great store, there’s another big task in front of you, picking the best set of body jewelry from a huge selection. One way to shop is to shop by style. Body jewelry comes in lots of style or forms. There are rings, balls and barbells. There are gem studded and plain.

You’ll also find exotic, unique, weird, shocking, plain and extreme designs in groups of their own. The style really depends on how much you want to express yourself.

You can also shop by the type of material. Aside from style, the material used is the next big thing to consider when buying body jewelry. Body jewelry comes in sterling silver, 14K gold, stainless steel, titanium, etc. If you have body that is hypersensitive, then it is best that you consider buying metals that are low in nickel such as titanium, stainless surgical steel, silver and gold.

What’s the point of buying body jewelry if you can’t wear them at all? You need to know your own body first. Body jewelry should be as comfortable as possible. If you find that your set of studs or rings irritates your skin then the material used are not bio-compatible. It is better to invest on the more expensive ones rather than risk infections from cheap body jewelry.

Also, one could shop by the type of piercing. Each body part has specific types of piercing jewelry. Navel and tongue piercing are quite different from each other. To hasten your search, you could ask directly for particular piercing body jewelry. If it’s for the ears, nose, lips, navel, etc.

Those who only know one or two facts about Body Jewelry can be confused by misleading information. The best way to help those who are misled is to gently correct them with the truths you’re learning here.

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People see body piercing differently. Some call it hideous because this is not normally done even if a lot of cultures practice it. Those who are more open-minded consider it to be a work of art as it brings out one’s personality.

Whether people like it or not, this trend is here to stay. A lot of celebrities have also joined the hordes of those that have done body piercing. Two examples are Britney Spears and Cristina Aguilera that have each flaunted a fashion accessory.

After seeing this in concert and on MTV, avid fans have also done the same thing. Such an example just shows that modern society has moved body piercing beyond the ears. Here are some examples of where some have decided to put it.

Some women love to flaunt. Instead of just wearing a push up bra or clothes that are quite revealing, there are those who have had body piercing in the breasts. Some of the choices to choose from are nipple clamps, rings and shields with the option of even having a chain hanging from one end to the other.

Another unique spot that can only be seen when the person is nude is in the clit. Those working in the adult industry have done it making this also possible by an ordinary woman.

Believe it or not, men have also joined the unique placing body jewelry trend. Several have done this in the arms and the legs. Those that are quite bold have even done this in the male genitals.

There are many who claim that body piercing is unsafe. In fact, some men and women have experienced allergies and infections. The truth is, such incidents are not always the fault of the professional. There are times that the client chose a particular section of the body that was not safe in the first place which resulted in the injury.

Now that we’ve covered those aspects of Body Jewelry, let’s turn to some of the other factors that need to be considered.

Nevertheless, in order to prevent such accidents from happening, those who work in the industry have taken more precautionary steps so people will be able to enjoy rather than suffer from it.

Some require the person below the age of 18 to get parental consent while others are advised to see a doctor first to make sure it is safe.

Does body piercing hurt? This depends on the individual but some describe it to be similar to the kind of experience when this is done to the ears as this will be over in just a few seconds.

The only way to keep the hole open is for the individual to always have something placed there. This means the maintenance process is the same when having a pair of earrings. Should it close, the customer will have to go back to the store and get another piercing.

Fortunately, not all the body jewelry will require this because there are other options available. The person can use the type of body jewelry that can be clipped or glued to one’s body thanks to an adhesive.

Body jewelry comes in many shapes and forms and the way that a person is able to carry it makes it unique. The other way will be to have one custom made. By coming up with an intrinsic design, the manufacturer will be able to make it happen so this can be shown to the world.

This article’s coverage of the information is as complete as it can be today. But you should always leave open the possibility that future research could uncover new facts.

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Would you like to find out what those-in-the-know have to say about Body Jewelry? The information in the article below comes straight from well-informed experts with special knowledge about Body Jewelry.

With body piercing and body jewelry steadily penetrating pop culture and mainstream society, more and more people have been taking advantage of this vogue fashion statement. Nowadays, not only the rich and popular can adorn themselves with these avant garde fashion pieces. With more and more demand, more and more, cheap body jewelry have become available in the market.

The beauty of body jewelry is that it need not be made of very expensive material. Nowadays, it is quite easy to get cheap body jewelry without having to compromise style. Cheap body jewelry are now produced to give consumers a wide range of choices that will easily fit their budget. This way, looking and feeling good need not be too expensive.

For instance, traditional body jewelry such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are now made of non-precious materials that look just as fabulous as their extremely costly counterparts. There are even alternative choices for cheap body jewelry used for various body piercing. It is important to note however that your need to be extra meticulous when it comes to choosing cheap body jewelry.

Although they are as fashionable as their more expensive counterparts, the reason why some body jewelry are not so cheap is because they use sterile materials to ensure the protection of your piercing. For instance, it is advisable to use good quality metals and materials for body jewelry when having a body part pierced for the first time. This is simply because a pierce results in a wound that needs to heal properly to avoid complications.

Most of this information comes straight from the Body Jewelry pros. Careful reading to the end virtually guarantees that you’ll know what they know.

This is especially true for extremely sensitive body areas that remain moist and susceptible to infections like tongue piercing and the like. For these types of areas, cheap body jewelry just won’t do if you want to ensure proper healing and sanitary circumstances. While it is possible to use cheap body jewelry once the pierced flesh has healed, it is extremely stressed that only sterile and quality materials are used for the piercing and healing state.

At any rate, materials like sterilized stainless steal can be used which makes for cheap body jewelry as opposed to precious and semi-precious metals like silver and gold. In this case, even if you don’t used precious metals and instead, use cheap body jewelry, you can be assured of continued safety from complications regarding your body piercing.

To find the right cheap body jewelry, purchase them only from reputable stores and outlets. Be sure to read the packaging for the materials used on cheap body jewelry as well as any indication on the quality control measures that have been put in place to ensure that the piece of body jewelry you are about to purchase is something that will not compromise your safety.

It may sound like a very tedious and meticulous regimen to have to closely inspect cheap body jewelry before purchasing them, but remember that body jewelry becomes a part of your body when you wear it. In this case, it is of utmost importance to maintain the proper controls and hygienic practices. This however should not deter you from purchasing cheap body jewelry. Just be more judicious in choosing the right cheap body jewelry that fits both your style and budget and you can be assured of a carefree enjoyment of fashion tempered with the right sensibility.

There’s no doubt that the topic of Body Jewelry can be fascinating. If you still have unanswered questions about Body Jewelry, you may find what you’re looking for in the next article.

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Are you looking for some inside information on Body Jewelry? Here’s an up-to-date report from Body Jewelry experts who should know.

White gold is not silver. People often times refer to white gold as silver since it appear and feel like the latter. Partly it is true, since in reality white gold is an alloy of gold and another white metal usually silver or palladium.

The combination of silver or palladium eliminates the yellow gold look and creates the rather white silver appearance. But even if it is an alloy, white gold is still measured in Karats just like ordinary gold. Other white metals used to combine with gold include nickel and platinum.

Each metal used to combine with gold yield varying properties. A nickel based gold alloy, for example, creates a strong and hard metal which makes it ideal to be used for rings and pins. While, white gold-palladium alloys are relatively softer and flexible which make them great for gemstone settings.

However, the disadvantage of using white gold-nickel alloy in body jewelry is that is could cause various skin reactions since nickel is not bio-compatible. Some may have very mild reactions to the metal with only mild itchiness and skin rashes. However, these reactions might turn uglier if they lead to infections. It is therefore best to consider your body chemistry first before buying any type of body jewelry.

Nevertheless, white gold is quite popular as body jewelry. You could find white gold gemstone rings, ladies jewelry, nipple and navel rings, nose studs, earrings and tongue piercing. The reliability of the material has been proven. A lot of people compare white gold to platinum especially when both are used in body jewelry.

Platinum is better as far as jewelry is concerned since it is more abrasive resistant than any other metal available. It has a real white color unlike white gold which is actually a grey steel-like color. Platinum is heavier than gold and last longer. However, the most disadvantageous part in platinum based body jewelry is the costs. Whether you believe it or not, pure platinum costs a lot more than gold.

Those of you not familiar with the latest on Body Jewelry now have at least a basic understanding. But there’s more to come.

Actually, white gold was created exclusively for jewelry precisely to find less costly alternative for platinum. It was in the 1920s when the alloy was first manufactured for the jewelry and gem industry.

Today, the alloy is a well established material for body jewelry and has its own fashion sense and value. White gold is often used as settings for diamonds and other gemstones enhancing their appeal. Like what was mentioned earlier, white gold is also measured by means of karats. However, white gold can only be produced up to 21 karat.

Now when hear a higher karat white gold, it doesn’t mean the gold is whiter. White gold is a combination of gold and other metals. The color is affected by the properties of the metals we add to gold and not the amount of gold. Basically, white gold can be either nickel-whites or palladium-whites.

The main difference of which is that nickel-white gold have a colder white color wherein the palladium whites’ color is a little warmer. Also it is very hard to achieve a good nickel white unlike with palladium whites which tends to be softer thus easier to process. Because of the price of palladium, however, palladium whites are a little more expensive.

When buying white-gold, always remember that majority of white gold on the North American market are nickel-whites. The problem with nickel is that around 12-15% of people are allergic to the metal. Skin contact with nickel can cause red skin rash or irritation.

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