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Cayman Islands belong to those groups of places on earth that is near perfect in terms of beauty and the promise of fun-filled adventure days. However, regular life in a place way different from where you come from needs some orientation, tips, and guides. We usually get them from those who had been here before.

The people

Even being more liberal than the other Caribbean islanders, Caymanians are still relatively conservative. Public displays of affection (gay or straight) are not usually acceptable.

In the past years, gay cruise ships have been barred from calling in the Cayman Islands, although the recent policy now is to remain non-discriminatory. Gay visitors can expect the same levels of hospitality and service as others. (Expect some hesitation from older Caymanians.) The younger set is very liberal and will not care for the most part.

Social niceties

Caymanians are known to be very respectful. Greetings and pleasantries are common. People are expected to greet and be greeted even in shops. Islanders use titles of respect like Mr. or Mrs. followed with the given name.


The Cayman Islands is a relatively low-crime area compared to the others in the region. However, there are certain things you do not usually do even in the more sophisticated places in the world.

Walking or cycling at night in dark roads can put oneself at risk for assault or robbery. There were many incidents, too, of pedestrians being hit by cars along soft-shouldered roads.

Women traveling alone should be careful, especially at night. Be ready with your cell phones capable of calling the local 911, if you feel you are being followed or inappropriately watched.

Drunk driving and burglary

Drunk driving and hit-and-run accidents have been a problem in most cities, and it is no different here. DUI is a serious offense in the Cayman Islands.

If your Cayman Islands facts are out-of-date, how will that affect your actions and decisions? Make certain you don’t let important Cayman Islands information slip by you.

Burglary is another problem. Most often, burglars hit some small hi-tech devices (phones, music and game players, etc.) and portable laptops.

George Town

It is generally safe at the capital city of George Town. Some areas are to be avoided (Rock Hole, Swamp, Jamaica Town, Courts Road, Eastern Avenue, Windsor Park) which is not much of a problem because these places are well out of the way.

Also, George Town is deserted at night as there are few centrally located restaurants, bars or nightclubs.

At the beach

No one will steal your towels, your sneakers, or your lunch. Thieves are not desperate to steal your used personal belongings or your snorkeling device.

These are just local teens who want to sell these items to other teens. An average pair of sunglasses is safe. A pair of Chanel replicas might just interest them.

Mixed notes

Locals will not eat barracuda because they might be poisonous. There are other reef fishes, however, that are very good ? groupers, eels, sea bass, snappers, mackerels, etc.

There are no natural fresh water resources in the islands. Drinking water is supplied by desalination plants and rainwater catchments.

Be sure to put on sunscreen the whole day if you plan of going out around town or elsewhere in the islands. It is sunny the whole year.

Just like in other places, life can be simple in the Cayman Islands. The difference is that taking account of everything here, it can be almost paradise.

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