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Single parenting is the practice of raising children and building a family without a spouse or partner. As a choice of building a family, single parenting is now acceptable in our society. Some sociologist perceive the prevalence of single parenting as an alternative family form rather than a problem in society formation. Regardless of how it is perceived, the increase of families raised by one parent influences the social, economical, and political context of family life. The following are the common causes of single parenting:

1. Divorce – Single parenting due to divorce means that the divorced single parent will have the primary custody of the child or children. The single parent will do the major obligation of raising the child or children but the other parent can still be involved in the family.

The usual pattern after divorce is that the mother becomes the single parent (taking the major obligation of raising the children) while the father becomes the supporting parent. In the United States, five of every six single-parent households are headed by a mother. Fathers, are only given the custody and allowed to play the role of single parent if the parent is widowed, the mother deserted her child or children, or the mother refuses custody of her child. A mother may give up custody and award parenting to the father of child or children due to lack of financial resources, child’s preference living with the father, inability to control or discipline children, threats of legal custody battles, and physical or emotional problems suffered by her.

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2. Death – Single parenting due to widowhood may give a parent an unforeseen parenting obligation that will cause her to underwent difficult time of adjustment. Emotions like anger, denial, depression, bargaining, and later acceptance are common to widowed single parents. These negative emotions will largely affect parenting. Support of family and friends are important for the single parent to cope up with the changes in his or her family.

3. Early pregnancy – Raising a child alone during teenage period is tough. Teen single parents underwent stresses because of young age and inability to prepare for the future. Single parenting during teenage years usually happen to kids who are rebellious from their parents.

4. Adoption – Single parenting due to adoption is a viable option for single people who feel incomplete in life. However, loneliness should not be your sole motivation to choose single parenting. It could be a part of it but the desire to nurture and share life as a family should come first. In the United States, single parent adoptions is the fastest growing trend in the adoption field. Single parents due to adoption are usually single parents who work full-time, financially responsible and emotionally mature.

5. Donor insemination ? Single parenting due to donor insemination is the most controversial option for building a family today. Donor insemination is the process of achieving pregnancy through injection of semen into the reproductive tract of a female. Single mothers who choose to conceive children in this option include lesbians who wish to bear children. They may choose sperm donor from friends, relatives, acquaintances, or an unknown donor. If the sperm donor is known to the parent or child-bearer, a parent may take parental or avuncular roles relative to children conceived via DI, or may not.

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