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You have honed your stained glass construction skills and have given all your friends and family stained glass gifts for every occasion. Why not earn back some of your expenses and more? You can and you can have fun doing it.

Most stained glass hobbyists find that they have several beautiful stained glass suncatchers, candle votives and other small projects on hand. They often test the waters by beginning with booths at craft fairs and other similar events. Most small booths at craft fairs are reasonably priced. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for an elaborate setup.

If your booth is indoors, a few bright lights shining on your stained glass items will enhance their beauty and attract attention. It is best if you can hang the suncatchers, so you could build a portable frame topped with lattice work and hang them with plastic fishing line. Be sure to weight the frame down if you are outdoors. One gust of wind can destroy all of your work.

Make sure you have good strong boxes and plenty of packing material to transport your stained glass projects to and from your craft shows. If you pack carefully you will prevent accidents and broken stained glass items. If your vehicle isn’t large enough to haul everything, you might consider borrowing or renting a small trailer; but it is best to keep your expenses as low as possible. The idea is to make a profit.

Some stained glass crafters build projects all winter then travel to craft shows all spring, summer and fall. They find that they do well in sales and enjoy meeting people and traveling. They may include shows during the Christmas shopping season because stained glass articles make excellent gifts and stocking stuffers and sell well as last minute gift items.

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Selling stained glass items on eBay and on-line websites can be done year around and from home. This way the stained glass crafter can sell on speculation or by special order. The advantage to selling on speculation is that you can choose the project you want to do and not worry about deadlines or meeting anyone’s specifications. You can work at home in your own personal workshop and then list the items online when you have completed them. Be sure to include a photo with your listing to optimize your chances of selling.

Pack the sold stained glass items carefully for safe shipping and require insurance so that if an item is broken in shipping, the customer will be happy to come back to you and you will be paid for repair or replacement of the broken stained glass project.

Repair and reconstruction of stained glass is a more specialized area of stained glass work that customers look for but have a hard time finding artisans willing to do that kind of work. You can create a special niche for income if you become expert at stained glass repair and construction.

Opening a stained glass retail store is an expensive venture. If you can purchase one that is going out of business, it might be more within your budget and you would be inheriting an existing customer base.

Teaching stained glass classes in your home studio or even as non-credit classes at your local university is good income and lots of fun. You can even have students learn as they help you work on a large stained glass project. You get paid by the student and paid for the stained glass project and be paid for having fun!

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